It was a slower week for me — between work-related emails and research, I had little time for actual writing. I barely even had time for Twitter, and even then only as a very occasional guilty pleasure. Still, I managed to write a long thread about a new Nielsen rating gimmick called “The Gauge.” I am trying to get my data together for a piece about why it’s bogus. In the meantime, here are some other tweets from the last seven days:  

  • Medical industry payments to orthopedists & neurosurgeons who operate on the spine have risen sharply, despite government accusations that some of these transactions violate federal anti-kickback laws & put patients at risk. KHN
  • A lot of hints in these product releases about Amazon’s grand ambitions to become a big hairy presence in the “network of everything.” Exciting and scary at the same time! The Tape Drive
  • I know the (Indian) men’s team is playing #WTCFinals, but for me, the batting of Shefali Verma in the #IndvsEng game in both innings is a real (fire emoji). A star of the game today, megastar tomorrow. How many more amazing talents are out there. We most definitely need Women’s IPL. @BCCIWomen #
  • With summer officially one the way, it is time for some summer crime flicks. I will start with two of my favorites – The Andersen Tapes (Sean Connery) and Rear Window (Jimmy Stewart). Tell me your picks. And get some recommendations from friends as well. (The responses from various folks on Twitter included: The Sting, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Heist, Red Rock West, Blood Simple, To Catch a Thief, Insomnia, and both versions of The Thomas Crown Affair.) More replies are still coming

While some may use Twitter with more of an agenda, for me it is simply a place to share what’s on my mind. Follow along: @om