It is time for UnionMade to evolve


If you are a long time reader and a friend, you know I am not shy about my fondness for Unionmade, one of the better men’s stores in San Francisco.

I have been a customer from the day it opened back in 2009. It was their ability to pick and present some of the smaller, artisanal and heritage brands made them particularly appealing to me. I don’t much care for mass produced goods, especially clothes, and instead opt for products that have a history and where the maker isn’t too far removed from the process of creation.

Yesterday, when I across an interview with Carl Chiara, one of the two forces behind Unionmade on The Gilt MANual I decided to visit the store. I wanted to buy some magazines and frankly I needed some relief from preparations for RoadMap 2012. It was a perfect excuse to get out of the house. The store, has nearly doubled in size and now incorporates what used to be a dry cleaner.

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