May 25: Worth Reading

Remember GoTV? Or the Verizon’s much talked about the acquisition of once-very-hot Vessel? And all those press releases from Verizon where it talked up its dreams of being an OTT video giant. All those have resulted in nothing, and The company has called it quits and is now looking to partner with former competitors. The … Continue reading May 25: Worth Reading

Does the Snapchat generation even know what Yahoo is?

Weighing in! My thoughts on AOL + Yahoo + Verizon. If you have read my previous pieces, you will see I am consistent.

Like Verizon’s similar purchase, last year, of another ancient bauble, the once ubiquitous dial-up service AOL, the acquisition of Yahoo speaks mainly to the past. Tomorrow’s Internet users don’t dream of using Yahoo’s properties any more than they do AOL’s. Instead, they lavish their attention on Instagram and Snapchat, and Spotify. And software continues to move in directions far removed from the early Web, as new voice-based interfaces, on devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home, train us to think about the Internet beyond browsers and smartphones.

What I am reading today

How tech became the enemy — then (dot com) and now. [Ellen Huet] Our routers, ourselves. [Paul Ford] Facebook, Ego and Oculus Rift. [Michael Mace] Why Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus still seems unfair. [David Banks] New Jersey wants the 45 Mbps Verizon Promised 20 years ago. [Karl Bode] Why Alibaba could be way more valuable … Continue reading What I am reading today

What I am reading today

Behind the scenes of Monster : A Quora guide to Pixar The psychology of language: which words matter the most when we talk. [Leo Widrich] Why the smartphone camera changed photography forever [James Bareham] In defense of San Francisco’s Techies. Lot of tech-bashing going on in San Francisco. Much of it is right, some of … Continue reading What I am reading today