Facebook First!

John Herrman, who writes about the media industry for The New York Times, is one of my favorite writers. His incisive and cutting commentary at his previous home on the web, The Awl, was on my “read first and do everything else later” list. About 10 days ago, we had a conversation about the shifting media … Continue reading Facebook First!

How Google can really help news & media

Earlier this month, folks from Google invited me along with Kara Swisher and Audrey Cooper for a conversation about the future of news. Towards the end of the conversation, we were asked what Google could do in order to help the news and media industry. Obviously, we joked about buying the New York Times, but when asked, I pointed out that Google is good at one thing — software — and instead of trying to do crazy things, why not build tools that help the news ecosystem? Why not create tools that help data novices make sense of information? Or how about a smarter, simpler, and more nimble analytics tool just for reporters? (Or simply buy Chartbeat!) I forgot to mention one tool that they could build in their sleep, and in the process help not only save many reporter hours but make the news better, smarter, and more contextual.

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