The Decimal Clock

If we had ten hours in a day, instead of 24, and if each of these hours had 100 minutes instead of 60, and if every minute had 100 seconds, our clocks would look like this, and the time would be …

Why do we have to restrict ourselves to the 60 minutes and 60 seconds as a construct for time? I would love to see a watch design based on 10-100-100 logic.

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Worth Reading: 7 Recommended Stories

What a week! Last presidential debate! Internet melted down, thanks to a devices-based bot-net. AT&T planning to buy Time Warner for about $85 billion. I mean, things are anything but boring these days. Except, to be honest, one needs to step away from the river of news, sit down and read some good stuff. And that is why I am here – to share some of the top stories I have read in recent days and are worth your time and attention.

If you need to find peace and quiet, I highly recommend the Bose QC35 headphones — which are amazing. I speak personally and I made my decision to buy them after reading this fantastic review. And if you need a place to sit down, find a great coffee shop. Who knows, your city might be in this list of best US cities for coffee addicts.

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What every new watch collector needs to know

Ben Clymer, founder of watch site, Hodinkee has listed 12 mistakes new watch collectors make and why one needs to avoid them. As a watch guy, I can tell you I have made some of those mistakes. These days I like to support, small and independent watch makers.