Now that’s watchmaking

Apple Watch has revived interest in horology. However, we rarely get to know the stars of the watchmaking. BBC Future recently profiled Roger W. Smith, an elite watch maker whose mechanical timepieces are exceptional, cost over $150,000 and extremely rare and refined. His team puts together a mere 10 watches a year. [BBC Future]

Tsovet does classic elegance

Given that Apple Watch is only a few months away, I feel guilty recommending a watch. But this new-ish Tsovet JPT-TW35 (dress) watch just stole my heart. I am smitten by the sheer aesthetics of the watch. It is not too big. It is not too small. It is not round. It would look great under a white shirt. It isn’t too expensive: $250 is not cheap, but again not a bank breaker. I wish they used sapphire crystal instead of mineral crystal. There are two flavors — gold and steel. I like steel look: it is more classy and golden sheen gives it a cheap/trying too hard.

I have not bought it  — but it is on my Christmas wish list. I am not a fan of quartz watches, and yet I think it is beautiful — classic, elegant and minimal. From a quality standpoint, Tsovet (which is based somewhere in Southern California) makes pretty good and reliable watches: I have owned two of them — both of them are now with new owners. Tsovet replaces batteries in the watches for free but you have to send them in, so it is a bit of a laborious process. On the other hand, it is a good reason to try out Shyp. Continue reading “Tsovet does classic elegance”