WiFi, Geo Location & Facebook Advertising

Yesterday, I blogged about Facebook’s desire to manage our WiFi connections and alluded to the need to access our location data for better advertising targeting.

Later, I came across this article from December 2018, which outlines the incredible importance of location data, and why Facebook creates an illusion of privacy controls, even as it hyper targets ads to its community. Aleksandra Korolova, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at USC also the researcher who wrote the article, notes:

The locations that a person visits and lives in reveal a great deal about them. Their surreptitious collection and use in ad targeting can pave way to ads that are harmful, target people when they are vulnerable, or enable harassment and discrimination.

Why Facebook wants to manage your WiFi connections.

Back in 2017, Facebook rolled out the “Find Wi-Fi” feature globally, a feature that lists the nearby Wi-Fi networks that Page owners shared with Facebook. Two years later, Facebook is working to expand this feature from being a list of nearby Wi-Fi networks to a service that manages the Wi-Fi connections on the device.

Facebook needs more geolocation data to hyper-target advertising and information — but mostly advertising — and know even more personal information about you. Of course, it can also learn what services you use and when you use them with this connection manager.  They have learned well from their big brother, Google. Sigh!

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