[Podcast] Stuck@Om w/Wired Editor Nick Thompson on the pandemic, its impact on technology and change + why we mistrust media

In this episode of Stuck@Om, I chat with one of the great human beings on the planet — Nicholas Thompson. He’s the Editor in Chief at WIRED Magazine, an avid marathoner, and has penned one of the best essays I’ve read in recent times. In this conversation, Nick and I talk about how media outlets … Continue reading [Podcast] Stuck@Om w/Wired Editor Nick Thompson on the pandemic, its impact on technology and change + why we mistrust media

The present shift to “work from home” should have a moment for Skype to shine. Instead, it is an afterthought for many of us, who have turned to Zoom (warts and all) at a time when the video has become a crucial part of our daily communication. Microsoft has bungled the Skype acquisition, and on its watch ruined what was clearly a simple, effective, and a beloved product. Instead, it is foisting Teams on to former Skype-lovers. And it is not just Microsoft – other big technology companies video collaboration products are a bit meh as well. In this wonderful article, the Wired UK has covered the rise of Zoom and the fall of Skype. And given my long history with Skype, they asked me to explain why?

Facebook’s Second Life

“Once it was clear how bad it was and how mismatched they were, everybody had this awakening: We have made some mistakes, but these guys know even less,” an anonymous executive told Nicholas Thompson, editor in chief of Wired who reported on Facebook’s internal reaction to Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Washington D.C., which was (as my readers know) a predictable bit of pantomime and theater. Continue reading “Facebook’s Second Life”

How Wired magazine changed the world

Lot of young people might not know this, but Wired isn’t just a website. It is also a magazine. Back in the day, long before the Internet seeped into everything, it was required reading for those of use who imagined the future. I got the first issue and was hooked. Here is a remarkable telling of the Wired story. #readthisnow. [Adweek]

Jenna Wortham

Jenna Wortham is a staff writer at The New York Times Magazine. A graduate of the University of Virginia, she worked at Wired before joining the Times in 2008 and more recently, the New York Times magazine. Wortham is an important voice on digital culture and new technologies. Introduction Like any popular mass medium, the … Continue reading Jenna Wortham

On Journalism

Earlier this year, the Italian edition of Wired Magazine got in touch and asked me questions about the future of journalism. The Q&A by Philip Di Salvo was in preparation for the International Journalism Festival 2014 that is currently being hosted in Perugia, Italy. The magazine published the Q&A, but since it is in Italian, here is my English language Q&A prior to editing.

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