These were a series of tweets in response to the WWDC keynote presentation. These were off-the-cuff observations, but I still feel the same at the end of the week, and my opinion hasn’t changed.

Clamping the iPhone to the top of an Apple computer is everything right (continuity camera & desktop view), and what’s wrong with Apple and its product creativity in a nutshell. What an unlike Apple solution to showcase in a keynote event.

So Apple can edit, recall, and all sorts of fancy stuff in new iMessages at the scale of billions of messages. Why is it that we can’t do “edit” on Twitter? Come on, Twitter engineering, time to explain in plain English why it is so hard. So we don’t bug you again 😜 (Actually, it is a complicated and complex problem to solve. So despite my frustration, I understand the enormity of the task and how it fundamentally changes the behaviors on Twitter.)

Every Apple Keynote event reflects the emptiness that is professional tech news media. A terabyte of nothingness. You have to visit M.J. Tsai’s blog if you want an excellent quick recap. Or read @stevesi comments on Twitter.

The big innovation for me: M2. They are getting so far ahead of their rivals that competition is comically eating their dust. The price/performance gap is getting wider compared to the other guys. Rest is “futzing,” as @stevesi says!

M2 uses Apple custom Arm silicon & is built on a 5nm process. M2 has 20 billion transistors — 25 percent more than the original M1. M2 has four high-performance cores, and four high-efficiency cores on the M2, with a shared 16MB cache on the performance cores and a shared 4MB cache on the efficiency ones. Compared to M1, the CPU Is 18 percent faster, and the GPU is 35 percent faster. It is 1.9x faster than the “latest 10-core PC laptop chip,” Apple says. It uses 100Gbps of memory bandwidth and 24GB of unified memory — that’s 50 percent more bandwidth than the M1.

Sometimes I squint and realize that iOS is almost like Android, with an Apple interface. Of course, with HairForceOne as the lead spokesperson. That said, the upgraded notifications are great. Does this mean split-screen multitasking coming to iPhone? (Apple)

Apple Pay is turning the screws on the likes of Square and with Apple Pay Later, Affirm, and the likes. I wonder if we all realize the price of frictionless payments we will pay when the bank accounts get empty and credit card bills pile up because everything is so easy.