E. B. White, an essayist for The New Yorker (and author of many books), once said:  “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.”  He probably was describing me — during the last week. At the start of this month, I set myself a … Continue reading Where did the words go?

Apple’s new hardware is built for our visual future

Two decades into the new millennium, it is pretty apparent: hardware without software and smarts is nothing more than a gimmick. Apple’s product launch event today was a timely reminder of this new hardware reality. And I’m glad to say Apple delivered. The new iMac video cameras and the new iPad Pro’s front-facing cameras are … Continue reading Apple’s new hardware is built for our visual future

Not every brick and mortar retail chain selling goods that people can get more easily — even instantly — online gets the GameStop treatment. Some of them (most of them) just quietly fade. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t loved. Younger generations might wonder why so many old farts are moaning about Fry’s Electronics shuttering. … Continue reading The Death of a Retailer

David Ingram has written a thoughtful piece about technology’s role in 2020 — both the good and the bad. He asked me about Zoom and its long term impact on how we live online. I enjoyed the conversation about our collective behavioral shift towards video as the primary communication mode in the future. “We are … Continue reading Zoomification of everything

The Pain of Distance

I have made a career out of extolling the virtues of networks — how they make the very notion of time, location, and geography less relevant. The power of optics has flexed its muscles during the time of the pandemic. The wireless networks have kept us engaged, amused, and even productive during a scary time. … Continue reading The Pain of Distance