Kai Brach, who once interviewed me for his wonderful OffScreen magazine, recently asked me what five things I think are worthy of our time and attention. This feature is part of his wonderful newsletter, Dense Discovery. My answers are in issue number 115. They involve photography, food, video, writing, and work—all my favorite things. Have a look.

I found this sign when walking around the Portrero Hill neighborhood in San Francisco. Making some tiny edits, I turned this into a sign that reflects the “passive-aggressive” nature of the city I call home now.

November 20, 2020, San Francisco

Apple has been pushing Arcade, its subscription gaming service, hard. If you are a subscriber, this geegaw from a company called Backbone might be an interesting one to try out. I am not a gamer, so can’t speak with authority. I am pretty sure the new iPhone 12 Pros must have the oomph to outgun the standalone devices. Let me know how it stacks up against stack alone consoles such as Nintendo Switch.