Coffee, Camera, Conversation…

Sometimes I get together with fellow camera nerds, drink coffee and we talk about photography, life and Instagram, which by the way has 700 million users! Photos (top) by Chris Michel & (below) by Felix!

Netflix now has 100 million subscribers

In January 2017, it was estimated that if all goes well, then Netflix will pass the 100 million subscriber point sometime in April 2017. Right on time, the company CEO Reed Hastings announced that the streaming video giant had passed the 100 million subscriber milestone. He celebrated by having a steak dinner at Denny’s, just like he did when Netflix passed one million subscribers. Given the international footprint, I think it is yet another reason for Apple to seriously consider Netflix as an acquisition. Apple was the first one to build a global content marketplace with iTunes. There are just so many synergies in these companies — except from what I am told, Reed is an Android man!

Instagram & Facebook: 5 years later

It has been five years since Facebook got the bargain of the century — Instagram for roughly $750 million. The mobile photo sharing service at that time had mere 35 million monthly active users. It has since added more than 600 million monthly active users. In comparison, Facebook added over 800 million monthly active users. Instagram has changed since — it has shamelessly imitated SnapChat and added many features that have kept the service fresh and interesting to its ever-increasing number of users. I look at Instagram and the growth of mobile photo sharing and wonder if Twitter really blew an opportunity. Instead of trying to do too many things, it should have made photo-sharing on Twitter better, simpler and more fun. I don’t think it is too late — but in case of Twitter, everything moves in mysterious ways. SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook will be part of my forthcoming book, The Third Eye Era.

Back in the flow

“Writer’s Block is just an excuse by people who don’t write for not writing,” quipped (not surprisingly) writer Giando Sigurani — and that is perhaps the best description of my past two months. I have been claiming a severe writers block, but the fact is that I have lost the discipline of writing everyday. It is like anything else – the more you practice the better you get.

So here I am – getting started again — this time with some random notes from my trip to Japan. I can’t help but look at the faraway worlds from the lens of a techie – so those notes have a slight dose of tech.

In other news — I have turned into my link blog — where I share what I find interesting. Don’t worry, you will find those links in my RSS and also on my social media feeds – both on Twitter & Facebook.
I signed up for SmugMug, which is an amazing service for hosting photos. I am enjoying my experiments with photography and some of my more serious photos are going to end up there. I will share my more fun and daily photos here on

Till later!

Random Notes from a recent trip to Japan 

It isn’t hard to fall in love with Japan. It happens slowly. In 2015, it was a trip to distant Naoshima Islands that hooked me on the Japanese sensibilities. But it was on this most recent trip, the small seductions of Japan — its people, its landscapes, its food and its culture left me completely besotted by this island nation. What I like about Japan is its subtlety. It is aloof, it is shy and almost silent. And yet when you slow your rhythm to its ways, the slow hypnotization starts to take control of your senses. There wasn’t just any one thing that took control of my senses, though if I had to pick, it would be the juxtaposition of people and its landscapes. The country is crowded and yet there seems to be enough beauty in between the gaps left by people.