[Podcast] Data, Privacy & Citizen rights.

I recently caught up with my former colleague Stacey Higginbotham, who is now running a successful independent media company and we ended up doing a podcast about humans and machines, and how the hybridization of the two is leading to difficult questions about privacy and data. During the conversation I proposed that perhaps it is time for our legislators to think about a constitutional amendment to account for the bigger shift in our society. Hope you get a chance to listen. As a footnote, I am really proud of the success Stacey is having as an individual journalist-turned-entrepreneur.

A letter from Om

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12/11: What I am reading today

Here are some of the stories that caught my attention today. Some of them are about technology, but not all of them. Updated all through the day, and shared via email newsletter in the evening. You like the links, sign-up for the email newsletter.

  • Four Days trapped at sea with Crypto’s Nouveau Riche: ¬†How many of you remember reading about The Predator’s Ball. This story of a Crypto cruise in the Mediterranean Sea has shades of that story and is livened up by writer Laurie Penny’s skills. There are so many good lines in here. I quite enjoyed it. (Read on Breaker Magazine)
  • Nike and Boeing are paying Sci-Fi writers to predict their futures. Read on Medium.
  • How Doug Engelbart pulled off the mother of all demos. One of the best pieces you can read today or for that matter anytime. Read on Wired.