Why Facebook will never do subscriptions

It was a week where the media finally started pushing Facebook around data, privacy and its lackadaisical approach to it all. And despite all the sound and fury, we will soon move on, and nothing really will change. And the reason for that is money — or rather how it makes money. Data and engagements are the foundation on which Facebook’s empire of near monopolistic micro-advertising stands, as I explained in my previous essay. In order for the system to work, like a hungry monster, it needs more data, more usage. The busier the feed, more advertisers will have to pay to find ways to get the attention of the users.

[Photoset] Nicasio Reservoir, California

Last weekend, I drove down to Inverness, California with friends. On our way, we stopped on the edge of the Nicasio Reservoir (an artificial waterbody in Marin County, California)  to make a few landscapes. Despite the harsh light, I decided to go ahead and make some long exposures, using my Leica SL and the Lecia 24-90 Vario lens. I typically use my SL when traveling for my photo tours, but given that I am spending more time in California, I felt that I needed some practice time with the camera.

An UnSocial Life

UnSocial by Leio McLaren via Unsplash

Dave Morrow, an aeronautical engineer, turned landscape photographer, decided that he had enough of social media. That was in 2017. At that time, Morrow had 500,000 followers Facebook and 15,000 followers on Instagram. I am one of them because I love his approach to landscape photography. In a video that he shared on YouTube, he noted:

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[Podcast] Audeze CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram

Sankar Thiagasamudram is the co-founder and CEO of Audeze, a maker of high-quality headphones, which are all the rage with audiophiles and music professionals. Sankar, who started his life working for a high-end 3D graphics company, is an engineer by training and audiophile in real life. He co-founded the company with Alexander Rosson. They were pioneers in putting (a proprietary) planar magnetic designs with extremely thin-film driver materials and powerful custom magnets inside their headphones. I experienced the Audeze magic when I got EL-8 as a gift from a friend.

I recently caught up with Sankar to talk about their new gaming headphone, Mobius, and more importantly about Apple’s HomePod, computational audio, the headphone boom and how head-fi changing our expectations of music. He shared his tips on how to buy headphones, his thoughts on other headphone brands including fashion/luxury headphones such as Master & Dynamic.

You can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud or download it from the iTunes.

[PhotoSet]: Sunrise on Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Ocean Beach, San Francisco: I have made it a ritual to pick up my camera and go for a walk every Sunday morning. I want to capture the city of San Francisco in the soft morning light, long before it is overrun by Ubers and Lyfts. Long before people wake up from their late nights, to capture the fog, the magic, and its sheer beauty. Plus who can resist the pink and blue hues that dominate the mornings in California? All photos made with Fuji xPro2 and Fuji 35mm lens.