Naveen & Diana Get Married

This past weekend my good friend Naveen Selvadurai, who in past life co-founded Foursquare got married to Diana Hardeman, another friend who is well-known for her MilkMade ice cream brand in Manhattan. Naveen and Diana asked me to officiate their wedding, a privilege and an honor. It was a blast! The wedding took me down to San Clemente in Orange County, California. It is a cute little place — perfect setting for a wedding. Wishing the newly weds all the best!

How Sexism Works in Silicon Valley

When Sandberg’s book Lean In came out, that same Jenna Jameson–obsessed CEO became a vocal spokesperson for it.

Just one line sums up my personal opposition to the idea of #decencypledge. But this excerpt from Ellen Pao’s book, Reset, is a harsh condemnation of some of the nefarious practices in venture capital in specific and Silicon Valley in general. This piece should be on your #mustreads list.

The OmShow w/ Wired-cofounder Louis Rossetto

I published my interview with Louis Rossetto earlier this month. Many of you asked for a podcast version of the conversation. Thanks to help from my friend Chris Albrecht, we turned this around and here it is. I hope you enjoy it.


A morning in San Clemente, California.

Photo made with VSCO on iPhoneSE.

My conversation with co-founder of Wired Magazine

After a year long hiatus, I am back with a new set of interviews and an expanded mission. But more on that later. Here is the first interview of this new season. Louis Rossetto, co-founder of Wired magazine, recently announced the publication of his first novel, Change is Good, a collaborative art project with designer and typographer Erik Spiekermann.

Last week, I met Louis and we walked down a memory lane, talking about our publishing lives, disappointments and emotional challenges of breaking up with something you create. We pondered about the state of the media, the emergence of President Trump and why we need to be optimistic about the future. I enjoyed my conversation with Louis, and hopefully you will too.