What’s Worth Reading Today

Photo by Glen Noble via Unsplash https://unsplash.com/@glennoble

It was a hectic Monday, but I did manage to read some good stuff with my morning cup of tea and then later, over post-lunch espresso. I hope you get a chance to read these technology stories that will be worth your time.

  • Inside Facebook: Two years that shook the company. [Wired Magazine]
  • $150 million in funding later, SigFox (IOT network provider) is skating on thin ice, with more competition looming. [E.E. Times]
  • Why SigFox might be in trouble. [Fierce Wireless]
  • Computer vision is good at recognizing white faces. [NYTimes]
  • The Cloud Act is going to be a major disaster. [EFF]
  • Here is a Alternative point of view on why the Cloud Act is good. [Lawfare Blog]
  • The Myth of the Focus Group. Alternatively: No one care what you think. [The Guardian]
  • PixelBuds are not great. AirPods are excellent. [Fred Wilson]
  • Not everyone is having a bad year in Music. [BandCamp]

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Startups are a global opportunity!

Despite a boom in startup activity, more and more companies being formed, it doesn’t mean that more good companies are being created. I keep seeing the same names hit up investors again and again. A few successful ones are garnering a lion share of the total funding dollars, especially as they get more traction. Even those companies that have little traction are generating a lot of investor interest, while others who fall in the in-between range are getting less attention.

Why 16GB Memory Cards Are Better

https://unsplash.com/@tompumford Photo by Tom Pumford via Unsplash

It is not hard to find a memory card that can pack as much as 128 gigabytes (GB) storage capacity into an SD memory card, a boon when shooting videos or when embarking on  a weekend trip with a nice point and shoot like the FujiFilm x100F or Leica Q. Personally, however, I like the 16GB SD cards and here are my reasons: