Almost Midnight in Helsinki 

I am in Helsinki for board meetings and last night ended up staying up late and snapped a few photos. This one is at just about midnight. I made this with iPhone SE and ProCamera app, which captures photos in RAW. I prefer this app over others such as Snapseed or VSCO. It isn't pretty, but captures great RAW images. 

July 23, 2017. Helsinki. 

Sunrise in Stinson Beach

I was in Stinson Beach earlier this year and decided to take a walk in the morning. The sunrise was nearly perfect and the colors were amazing. I was glad I brought my camera. Here are a handful of photos. Enjoy! 

A summer in the Arctic

My recent trip to the Arctic North, prompted folks from Aether Apparel, one of my favorite brands recently, to run a photo-essay on their online Journal. These photos were made with my Leica SL, Fuji x100F and my iPhone 7+. They also asked me why I went to the icy wilderness. Thank you Aether, for also sharing a 15 percent discount code – FriendsofOm.

My Leica TL-2 (Mini) Review

It was about three years ago when I emailed designer Andrew Kim, the guy behind (the now retired) Minimally Minimal blog to ask about the Leica T camera, and his experience with the camera. He had written a couple of blog posts about the camera. It was one of the most iconic and ruthlessly minimal pieces of design — all aluminum and glass, polished to give it the feel of an iPhone, a device which had a massive influence on this new kind of camera. It skipped the usual buttons and knobs. A giant touch screen helped you manage the camera.