WordPress, the open-source blogging software, is twenty years old. The software’s first official release (WordPress 1.0) was made available on May 27, 2003. I had been using the software for a little longer when it was still in alpha. In 2004, I switched my old website to WordPress, becoming the first major blog to embrace … Continue reading Wow, WordPress is 20

The Number of Songs Uploaded Every Day Will Shock You

Did you know that 10.08 million new tracks were uploaded to online music streaming services in the first three months of 2023? That’s 120,000 new tracks every day, according to estimates from Nashville-based Luminate, a company that tracks music industry data. At this rate, we are looking at 43 million new tracks into the services by the end of 2023. In comparison, they saw 93,400 new tracks being uploaded daily in 2022, or roughly 34.1 million tracks. In 2021, that number stood at 30.5 million new tracks.

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The context of time

We, humans, like to think we are important. We think we can create the planet’s future. Or that we destroy that future. We think we are rich and powerful. We think we are beautiful. And yet, we are nothing when plotted on a long arc of time. Not even a blip. We come, and we go, and we are all forgotten. Or as Seneca said, “Life, if well lived, is long enough.” 

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We live in a society where everything is tradable. There is a marketplace for everything, from sneakers to cameras, pens to watches to clothes. A house is not a home but a cashable asset to be listed on Zillow. It is no surprise why everyone focuses on resale or whatever they own. It also explains why NFTs became such a phenomenon — they were not for ownership, but the original intent was to buy and flip. Resale is just a weird word. Ben Brooks sums it up nicely

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In my latest piece in The Spectator. As a financial investment, I make a case that Twitter will be a bust. However, the power it gives Elon Musk is unprecedented.  Musk has bought the Fox News of the post-TV reality for $44 billion, a pittance considering how much power it gives him over his rivals … Continue reading The Musky Fox

Hi! In case you are new around here, I am Om. If you are new around here, here is something About Me and why you should read my newsletter. In this letter, I share what’s on my mind, my latest writings, articles worth reading from around the web, my recommendations & sometimes my photography. It’s mostly about technology … Continue reading A Letter from Om. Issue #05/2023

Substack Spam

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Photo by Lindsey LaMont on Unsplash

I have been a big champion for Substack and what they were trying to enable — an opportunity for independent writers to make a living from their work. I even considered setting up an email newsletter on their platform. It has a nice interface, a nice editor, and the price — it is free versus the exorbitant prices charged by Mailchimp and its peers. I am not so sure anymore — for the company searching for growth seems to have transformed into a quasi-spammer.  

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