I joined True Ventures in 2008 as a venture partner. In 2014, I left Gigaom and journalism and joined True as a partner. I don’t retain any editorial links with Gigaom, where I am on the board of directors. As True partner, I currently am:

  • On the board of directors of Veniam, an Internet of moving things platform company.
  • On the board of directors of, a communications company based in Helsinki, Finalnd.
  • On the board of Everywear Games, a Finland-based company developing entertainment experiences for wearables such as Apple Watch.
  • Oversees True’s investment in IntentionNet, a networking infrastructure company based in Seattle, San Francisco.
  • On the board of a Petasense, an Industrial Internet-of-things company based in Silicon Valley. (#)
  • On the board (as an observer) of, an academic and research community focused company based in San Francisco.
  • Oversees True’s investment in OpenDoor, a real estate company that was co-founded by Keith Rabois and Eric Wu.

Angel Investments

  • Slack, a corporate messaging co-founded by Flickr co-founder, Stewart Butterfield.
  • Sightglass, a San Francisco-based iconic artisanal coffee establishment.


  • Was on the board of Socialcast, a San Francisco-based social collaboration software company was acquired by VMWare on May 31, 2011.
  • Was a board observer for Sponge, an enterprise knowledge management company. Sponge was acquired by Kurtosys in August 2011.
  • Was a board observer for Lexity. Acquired by Yahoo in August 2013.
  • Oversaw True’s investment in Glider, a productivity web service. Acquired by FPX in April 2014
  • Was a board observer for Little Inc., a mobile app company, behind MessageMe app. Acquired by Yahoo in October 2014.
  • Was founder of Gigaom and on the board of the company. It was shutdown in March 2015.
  • Was on the board of directors of Narrative, a Sweden-based wearable cameras company. It went out of business in mid-2016.
  • Was on the board of directors of Storehouse, a San Francisco-based visual story telling platform. Acquired by Square in mid-2016.
  • Was on the board of directors of TwinPrime, Redwood City, California-based wireless technology company. Acquired by Salesforce in late 2016. (#)
  • Overssaw True’s investment in Metamarkets, a San Francisco-based data analytics company focused on programmatic advertising. Acquired by SNAP in October 2017.
  • Oversaw True’s investment in Projector, a new data mining effort from Tim Young (Socialcast) and Aaron Gotwalt. Suspended operations.