It is hard to imagine that it is already the middle of June. Like everyone else, I feel that time is moving faster and faster. It isn’t, but the perception is what defines our post-network world. I am reminded of the passage of time by the lack of posting on the old Om-stead!

A bit of travel, a bit of work, and a lot of time spent assembling my thoughts is the primary reason I have written a mere two posts this year. It is the antithesis of how I usually think and blog. I used to blog about whatever was on my mind. However, lately, I have started to take some time and on what is on my mind. — Much of my energy has been spent researching, reading, and having conversations about many topics of interest.

As I transition into my new work-life reality, I am contemplating a few new things. I want to combine my love of technology and science and an optimistic (not romantic) view of their impact as a storyteller (be it through the medium of the written and spoken words or visuals.)

So while I work all that out, here are some of the songs I am currently enjoying. I hope they help enhance your day.

June 21, 2022. San Francisco