A few years ago, when my friends from Hodinkee were launching a podcast, they invited me to the show and we talked about life, photography, and of course, watches. That was episode#4. It seemed a lot of their listeners liked what I had to say so they have brought me back for the Episode 66 of the Hodinkee podcast. I obviously enjoy talking to Stephen Pulvirent, and this episode wasn’t any different as well. If you are interested, here is a link to the podcast which is available on all sorts of podcast distribution networks. Apple & Spotify links are here.

I will be the first to admit that the first time I paid any attention to Galileo, the European satellite navigation system, was when it actually went offline in July 2019. It didn’t get much media attention. However, I got an alert from friends who worry about our increasing reliance on GPS for everything from food delivery to autonomous navigation.

I wanted to learn more, but life and work got in the way. Also, I was too lazy to go beyond the news stories. This week, however, I randomly came across an in-depth primer on Galileo by Bert Hubert, a Dutch software developer, and entrepreneur. He looks at Galileo from more angles than you can imagine and I was left well informed and educated. Please find some time to read it

Ever wondered why Elon Musk is so high on Starlink, the low orbit internet access centric satellite constellation his company, Space X is building? It is because despite all the talk about Mars colonies, for now, communications is what will pay the bills and keep SpaceX growing. And it could be a lot more disruptive by lowering the cost of satellite communications and by being more inclusive. Imagine what if it cost $100,000 to build and launch a satellite — and you can imagine the rest. Read this astute analysis of the Starlink phenomenon by Casey Handmer.  (Also: Who is Casey?)

Some thoughts on iPassword funding + How to do strong passwords

There has been so much angst about 1Password raising $200 million in new funding and many are expecting that the 14-year old company is going to be ruined by an influx of cash. It is understandable that their fans are worried — too much money corrupts. But why are reporters showing paranoia when instead they … Continue reading Some thoughts on iPassword funding + How to do strong passwords