Mount Fuji

I had a chance to see Mount Fuji yesterday and managed to capture this image on my iPhone7Plus. I have been amazed by the sheer quality of the iPhone camera. This has no edits except slight adjustment of saturation and exposure. It was a 16 second exposure, made with Average Cam Pro app and the phone was resting against my Leica SL. 

The Third Eye Era

Yesterday, Snap (formerly known as Snapchat) went public and raised a whopping $3.4 billion dollars that valued the company at over $24 billion dollars. It was a confluence of events that the public debut of “the camera company” coincided with some personal good news. After a gap of nearly 15 years I am going to publish a book. 

A Bridge in Porto 

Ponte Dom Luis, Porto, Portugal. It is an engineering marvel that always amazes me! 

Made with Fuji xPro2 and Fuji f2/23mm lens

Why Apple Should Buy Netflix…Again!

In light of Apple’s announcement that it was working on “Planet of the Apps” series, in August 2016, I wrote about why I thought Apple should buy Netflix. It led to an enthusiastic exchange of arguments with my dear friend John Gruber. Fast forward to 2017, and suddenly everyone is talking about Apple buying Netflix. Above Avalon’s Neil Cybart published a long analysis of why Apple doesn’t need to buy Netflix.

He makes a great case for why Apple should do it alone and they have the money and resources to get it done themselves. It is a fair point — but there is an advantage to thinking about buying Netflix, and no, it isn’t the usual reasons.