Ted Rheingold, R.I.P.

Photo by Chris Michel
The cruel summer of 2017 ended on an even more cruel note death of a friend and fellow entrepreneur Ted Rheingold. His resume might identify him as a the founder of Dogster, but he was much more than just that. The news of his passing, after a long battle with cancer, came as a shock, even though we have all been privy to his fight in the recent past. Twitter, Facebook and in private emails many expressed genuine grief. 

7 Stories to read over the Labor Day Weekend

It is unseasonably hot this weekend in San Francisco Bay Area. Climate Change? Seems like and that’s all anyone can talk about. For me it is a 65 degree variation from a couple of days ago when I was in Alaska walking across a glacier. I am beating the heat by  reading, writing  and of course editing my photos. For you, I have 7 stories to read, though one of them is a bit self-serving!

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Into the light

Kayak and the clouds!

Photo made with iPhone7+ and Moment 18mm wide lens at Mendenhall Lake on August 26,2017 in Juneau, Alaska. Edited in Lightroom and Silver Efx Pro.

Naveen & Diana Get Married

This past weekend my good friend Naveen Selvadurai, who in past life co-founded Foursquare got married to Diana Hardeman, another friend who is well-known for her MilkMade ice cream brand in Manhattan. Naveen and Diana asked me to officiate their wedding, a privilege and an honor. It was a blast! The wedding took me down to San Clemente in Orange County, California. It is a cute little place — perfect setting for a wedding. Wishing the newly weds all the best!

How Sexism Works in Silicon Valley

When Sandberg’s book Lean In came out, that same Jenna Jameson–obsessed CEO became a vocal spokesperson for it.

Just one line sums up my personal opposition to the idea of #decencypledge. But this excerpt from Ellen Pao’s book, Reset, is a harsh condemnation of some of the nefarious practices in venture capital in specific and Silicon Valley in general. This piece should be on your #mustreads list.