Why I had to switch to iPhoneSE

I gave up on my beloved iPhone 7+ — the most amazing device I have ever used, a fantastic camera with endless potential and a day long workhorse to switch to a phone that seems to be stuck in the Apple past. Yesterday, I bought a new iPhone SE. Not that I wanted to buy it, but I had no choice. Here is why!

7 Things to read this weekend

It has been a while. I have been traveling and enjoying life off the screen. But as I get back into the swing of things – reading more and writing often, I am reviving my “7 things to read this weekend” emails, though it is difficult for me to promise to turn this into a weekly affair. Enjoy your weekend and if you have time, check out these wonderful works. They are worth reading.

California Morning

On a road alongside the Lagoon near Bolinas, California. Time 6 am. Made with Leica SL 601. At f 3.7. Exposure Time 1/125s. Focal Length 47 mm on Leica Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-90mm f/2.8-4 ASPH.

How to deal with Internet’s daily data deluge

Justin Blanton, who is one of my favorite bloggers outlines how he deals with the daily data deluge. He has some good tips, especially for those of us who are living in techlandia. Like Justin, RSS, Nuzzel and Newsletters are my favorite way to get information now. I use Pocket lot more than others. Facebook is pretty much useless for me as I use it purely to stay social with friends. Oh, I do read The New York Times, The New Yorker, Economist and the Wall Street Journal. Podcasts are not that big a part of my diet, and will only listen to what my friends recommend.

Practice, don’t preach 

After a hectic few weeks of travel, this morning I finally got a chance to get back into the routine of reading and replying to emails, tuning into the ether to get the latest updates on technology news, and most importantly, opening my writing app to jot down a few thoughts. And before I could get too far, I saw the story in The Information about an investor who was using his position of privilege to cross the line and harass female founders.