When Doves Smile

Rebecca Lily, who has helped me with my photo coloring grading in the past with custom presets, has now released a new set of presets (Pro Set VI) for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. These are a fabulous new addition to her pre-existing lineup of products and are worth checking out. This is the latest … Continue reading When Doves Smile


Sometimes, you need to spend a day being reminded of what you have, instead of focusing on what you don’t. Every year, on my birthday (which happens to be today), I am reminded that I have the luxury of being able to explore ideas and express them in ways that are highly personal and creative. … Continue reading 53

“Watching this roll across the timezones like a wave of defiance is making me feel like I live on a planet, rather than a fragmented jigsaw of angry nationalisms,” tweets Scott Ludlam, an Australian politician about the climate change-related protests that swept across the world. A good point to remember that when it comes to crises facing an entire planet, nationalism isn’t the right answer.

Words without impact are just noise

Countless books, think pieces, Twitter threads, comedy shows, and podcasts have scrutinized the diseased body politic down to its smallest, rottenest internal part. The insight industry is booming. Interesting forms of expertise and cultural capital have been developed. Stars of analysis, wit, and protestation have been born. We are alert as never before to the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court, the rules of Congress, racial and economic injustice, the techniques of propaganda, the elements of malignant narcissism. The ship may be about to hit the iceberg, but we have excellent hypotheses about the captain’s complex childhood and the shortcomings of the hull design.

Joseph O’Neill, Real Americans

I was reading the review of This America by Jill Lepore and This Land Is Our Land by Suketu Mehta in the New York Review of Books, where I came across the paragraph which describes modern information society. We are all in reality nothing but Paper Tigers 2.0.