Seeing the future through the fog

August, the month known as “Fogust” around these parts, is a pleasant reminder of my fondness for fog. For the past sixteen summers, it has been a welcome presence. Now, when I look outside my window, I could be convinced that there is no climate change, and everything is fine.

But it is not fine. Greenland is melting right in front of our eyes. I am sure, like everyone who is on social media, you have seen the video of gushing rivers where there is usually snow. And it is not just Greenland: Alaska is burning, Siberia has a problem, and Europe is experiencing temperatures usually reserved for India at the peak of its summer heat. To pretend that there isn’t a climate catastrophe happening around us is just childish.

A letter from Om

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Fuji Delight

A few days ago my friend Felix let me use one of his Fuji cameras. It has been a while since I owned an xPro2 and forgot how much I love that form factor. I don’t much care for the Fuji rendition of raw files – not sure why, but I prefer my SL and its muted DNG files.

But, back to Fuji — I am just impressed how much complexity they have packed into their cameras and made a menu that is human understandable versus Sony. That said, you will take my SL from my cold dead hands. I believe love is forever – even when you have shortcomings that annoy the hell out of you — in partners and in cameras, or vice versa.

Have a beautiful week of great photos and enjoying the slow wind down of summer.

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Here are some good tips for all of us on how to not be envious of others in this age of constant and unending FOMO.

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A letter from Om

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Be your own measure

And to measure yourself against no one but yourself. Raise your standards as often as you can, but not because someone else you chose out of the lineup of success is somehow ahead of you. — Seth Godin

This has been a mantra for most of my life, and when I deviate from this thinking, I am overcome with a slew of negative emotions — jealousy, anger, anxiety, and lack of appreciation for self. Admittedly, it is tough to live with such approach — for our modern world is programmed to let us know that we are in a race, being quantified against someone else’s idea of success.