Beyoncé has a new album, Renaissance. You might have heard it. Or you might have heard about it. It is the summer musical event, and that has everyone in a tizzy. Reviewers are gushing. Social media is lit with euphemisms from fans. And why not? The Economist notes: Beyoncé Knowles, who now appears to occupy … Continue reading In Beyoncé we trust?

Jenna Wortham

Jenna Wortham is a staff writer at The New York Times Magazine. A graduate of the University of Virginia, she worked at Wired before joining the Times in 2008 and more recently, the New York Times magazine. Wortham is an important voice on digital culture and new technologies. Introduction Like any popular mass medium, the … Continue reading Jenna Wortham

What I am reading today

The meaning of Beyonce’s haircut. [Sarah Sloat] The drab stupidity of Soylent. [Greg Stevens] Kids can’t use computers and it should worry you. [Code2Learn] Flatland. [The New Inquiry] To get users to make smarter choices now, show them their future. [Fast Company] The NSA is commandeering the Internet. [Bruce Schneier] On Writing. [David Lee] On … Continue reading What I am reading today