David & Mr. Bangs

This was a particularly hard week. Long. Cold. Rainy. Exhausting. A lot of sleepless nights. Nervous energy that sapped the body of its own spark. Four board meetings. More meetings and meetings. Some exciting times hanging out with friends, old, new and newest. The whole week was like a whirligig. There are holiday parties everywhere. I don’t want to attend them. I just wanted to sit at home, read a good book, listen to Miles and just let my mind wander.  Continue reading “David & Mr. Bangs”


New York is one place where I get a break from the routine and get some time to contemplate. Ironic, considering that New York City is the urban equivalent of Twitter – constant distractions, noisy and full of spectacles and spectacular. The obvious benefit: walking five miles a day results in me losing between 5-7 … Continue reading Mirror