End of Summer, or is it?

The long Labor Day weekend is the end of summer in the United States. No more wearing whites, no more seersucker and no more warm evenings. Of course, none of that really holds true for this corner of the world that I call home (for now) – San Francisco. June through August coastal climate patterns bring in the fog and keep things relatively cold around here. August is fogust for a reason – it is foggy and cold. It was (relatively speaking) freezing this year – temperature never got above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Average high was 65! By the way in 1942, San Francisco had an August this chilly. It is no surprise that the hometown team – SF Giants got cold during the month as well. Damn shame, because I really like the 2016 version of Giants and want them to do another magical run to the World Series. Continue reading “End of Summer, or is it?”