Poor Comms…

Every time Google tweaks its communication offerings, I am reminded that it has become a gigantic company, with the same dysfunction associated with large industrial companies. Today they had another go at their communication portfolio and naming convention. Here are some of the names of various products — Hangouts, Meet, Chat, Duo. If you can … Continue reading Poor Comms…

A few weeks ago, Jonathan Stern got in touch, wondering if I would like to participate in a new website he and his best friend, Carter Duncan were creating. “In the spirit of the Federalist Papers, my best friend from Duke and I have built a website called Pairagraph for written dialogue between distinguished individuals,” he wrote. The thinking behind the project was to “bring world leaders across government, industry, academia, religion, and the arts into a conversation about great events and great ideas, and perhaps, to revive the Republic of Letters.” 

University of Berkeley economist Brad DeLong is interested in discussing whether the U.S. is in decline. Is it true, as pessimists proclaim, that America has plateaued? Or that we are mired and trapped in civilizational languor? Is our culture exhausted? As someone who loves Prof. DeLong and his writing, it was such a privilege to have a dialogue with him. 

While the good professor is feeling discouraged about the American prospects, I am a long-term believer. I posted my first response today on Pairagraph! My original draft was over a thousand words, but I can’t go beyond 600 words. For now, here is my abbreviated take on why I don’t think America is in decline despite the recent events. Not yet!   

Yelp! No Help!

The Verge had Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of Yelp, on their podcast. He was talking up his anti-trust talk against Google. The article that accompanied the podcast didn’t mention anything about how much Yelp is dispised by small business owners. I pointed that out in a series of tweets. I decided to turn that tweet thread … Continue reading Yelp! No Help!