What Work

Uber and Lyft, in response to a California court ruling that all drivers must be reclassified as employees with benefits, are threatening to quit doing business in the state. Putting the news, and the legal posturing of Uber and Lyft aside, the judgment and its possible impact on other gig-economy companies that rely on independent contractors will … Continue reading What Work

The Price is Right

I have to admit, it is great to see the initial public offerings of various technology companies come to market and create a level of excitement. Lyft, Uber, and Pinterest are hogging the headlines, but they are also helping to kickstart the financial engine that makes Silicon Valley hum. Of course, not everyone is enthusiastic. … Continue reading The Price is Right

Uber & HealthCare

Last night, author Anand Giridharadas (@AnandWrites) tweeted about Uber’s new partnership with healthcare groups and hospitals, by commenting that Uber invented an ambulance. It is easy to understand why Uber deserves the snark. They have not painted themselves in glory and behavior that was worthy of applause. They have become a symbol of corporate dastardliness.

But even from that context, Anand’s tweet (since deleted) made no sense. Nowhere did Uber claim that it was inventing an ambulance. Instead, all the press release said that Uber was working with healthcare groups and hospitals to make it easy to get Uber in advance for patients who need to travel for medical visits. Continue reading “Uber & HealthCare”

Fixing the “roads of hell” created by Uber & Lyft

Ever since I wrote about the traffic chaos created by Uber & Lyft, I have been thinking about how we can use technology to understand the extent of the problem, and then using other sets of technology to fix the problems and avoid regulatory challenges. After a while, I believe computer vision and data analytics are the right tools to make this happen. Here is how.  Continue reading “Fixing the “roads of hell” created by Uber & Lyft”