Deciding Our f8

Jason Kincaid, former staff writer for Techcrunch is now pursuing a career in writing comedy. He is an astute observer of the world around us, and I particularly enjoyed his take on Mark Zuckerberg’s memo to the planet.

Tech companies speak in half-truths, so it’s prudent to move past Zuckerberg’s obvious motivations — like assuaging the guilty consciences of his employees — and ask what other forces are driving this change. Could it be that as News Feed trends away from friends and toward undifferentiated news and video, it becomes less defensible? ….

… I say we take him at face value. Mark Zuckerberg needs our help shaping our global future — which, given those 1.86 billion users, will require a lot more transparency on his part. And together, we must be vigilant against the many ways Facebook mechanically conspires against the better angels of its nature.

Worth Reading: Ethereum, Falling Pando & Tech’s immortality obsession

Many of us in California are bracing for a long windy and wet weekend. And if you’re like me, you will holed up at home and need something to do. I have a handful of stories that might be worth reading. A few of which are especially “smart takes” about recent developments in the technology industry.  Continue reading “Worth Reading: Ethereum, Falling Pando & Tech’s immortality obsession”

Facebook’s Affordable Housing Efforts: Not Enough

First of all, kudos to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and team for recognizing the issues around affordable housing in the area of the technology boom. For more context, here is a statement that Mark published on his Facebook page. Affordable housing is an important problem across the world. Our goal is to connect people everywhere, and that starts with … Continue reading Facebook’s Affordable Housing Efforts: Not Enough