As the world around me has started to (pre-maturely regain normalcy), I have decided to deal with some of the to-do list items. The more I try to get things done, the more I realize that our “digital transition” is still in infancy, and any talk of a digital-first society is decidedly premature.  Take, for … Continue reading Old Processes vs. New Behaviors

A new variant of coronavirus is upon us. As is its wont, Omicron is more infectious and is spreading fast. While, in the past, the virus impacted only a handful of close friends and family, the recent spike has impacted quite many friends. A few of them are struggling, despite having been vaccinated.  As I … Continue reading The Newest Variant

Ambition means different things to different people, but in the capitalist framework I am talking about, I think its defining feature is its linear trajectory. Think of all the highly driven and ambitious people you know working long after their basic needs are met: Are they ever “done” or satisfied with where they’ve ended up … Continue reading Ambition has failed us.

As a man who has always had the wand’ring ways Now I’m reaching back for yesterdays ‘Til a long-forgotten love appears And I find that I’m sighing softly as I near September, the warm September of my years. The September of My Years, Frank Sinatra I love this song by Frank Sinatra – a reminder … Continue reading September

What’s so great about summer? Quite a few things, but for me, it is Fogust: the foggy month of August that we get to enjoy in San Francisco. August is the perfect staycation month for me.  First of all, I am extra cautious about the emergent strain of the virus — and see no reason to take … Continue reading What’s so great about summer?

It was an unusual week. Unusual in part because of how normal it felt, like the days before the pandemic. And yet, by the time the weekend rolled around, it was clearly anything but ordinary. My schedule was packed to an extent it hasn’t been in quite a while. I had a couple of board … Continue reading An unusual week

It is reopening day in California — and to finally call it summer. It has been a long time since we have been able to do things that can be deemed normal — mundane activities like walking out without a mask and look at each other’s smiles. Or get a cup of coffee at a … Continue reading Reopening Day