What I learned this year?

A year ago to date I suffered a heart attack and that even changed my life. I take stock of the year that was and lessons I learned during the first 12 months of my new life. They may not be very exciting to many, but to some they are lessons that can be applied to any aspect of their life, including their business life when it hits the rocks. Continue Reading the post on GigaOM.com.

Special Thanks: This year wouldn’t have been possible with a lot of effort by many special people including my mother, sister, my brother, rest of my family, my new friend Leah and her awesome culinary skills, the entire GigaOM team, fine friends at True Ventures who embraced me in my time of need and more importantly the GigaOM community that essentially lifted me on their shoulders and willed me to comeback stronger, better and of course, slimmer!

Update: Aron is fighting back from a bypass and to him, I wish a speedy recovery and a long life. Take it easy my friend.