Almost still waters

Occasionally my morning walk throws up a surprise — fog masks the horizon, the ships, and the port buildings become a faint outline. Oakland fades out. And then with a little bit of contrast adjustment, and by pushing the mid-tones, what was just a walk along the water becomes a tiny moment of zen. Made … Continue reading Almost still waters

[04.07.2020] Signals

Why does it feel like its 1999 on the Internet? If you feel that your network is slower than usual, you are not alone. Everyone is experiencing the same thing. That said, the Internet is withstanding the pandemic as well as its original creators expected it to do so.  Speaking of the Internet, how about taking a moment … Continue reading [04.07.2020] Signals

When Buying Medical Supplies from China…

James Seng, a long time Internet expert, and investor based in Singapore, has published three informative posts on how to buy medical supplies from China. I have known of Seng and his work, and he has deep connections in China, and his three-part series can be beneficial to those seeking medical supplies. This includes a primer on buying KN95 masks, ventilators, and surgical masks. Here are some key takeaways from his posts:

– Only buy KN95 GB 19083 FFP2 masks for frontline doctors and nurses. Others are pretty useless in medical facilities.
– There is a short supply of ventilators and it might take a couple of months to get these delivered.
– “For your own personal use, buy this mask is sufficient. It is cheap and comfortable,” Seng suggests. “Ask for a medical mask with YY-0969-2013 standard.”