The illusion of improving social media platforms

Elizabeth Dwoskin and Craig Tinbergen, writing for the Washington Post have applauded the social media platforms’ recent efforts to reign in “hate speech, misinformation and posts that potentially incite violence.” These posts were coming from the US president and many of his supporters. When asked what I thought of this step forward, here is what … Continue reading The illusion of improving social media platforms

After two weeks in the hospital, both my parents have returned home after being cleared by the doctors. They are free of the virus, though we have to watch out for the after-effects. This has been an arduous few days — the distance only exacerbated the anxiety and unease

The limitations of travel and international quarantines only added to the complexity of the situation. My siblings, a handful of friends, and some family members rallied together to get us to today. I will be remiss if I don’t thank all of you for sending your prayers and wishes.