After a Long Break, Finally Getting Back on Track

It has been more than a month since I really wrote anything or even did anything. I have ignored this blog, I have ignored my one true love, have shied away from friends and family. No, I didn’t become a hermit. Instead, I have been grappling with a long prolonged illness.

It wasn’t anything major or anything complicated. I caught the flu, a bacterial infection and got hit by viral infection in quick succession. It left me weak and tired, unable to recover like I used to say ten years ago. In an effort to get better, I learned that I had walking pneumonia as well. I had ignored the symptoms for so long that I guess in the end I had to pay the price.

It is part of our modern lives — we ignore everything that seems unimportant for work and eventually realize that it is not the right course of action. The modern antibiotics are a wonderful tool to get you back on track, but in the end I have to build my immune system back. In an effort to do that, I am going to slow things down quite drastically — fewer meetings, fewer events and of course fewer risks of catching a bug again.

The upside of being sick: I got ample time to think, read and rest my body and my brain. I licked my desire for (decaf) coffee. And I fell in love with the iPad all over again. Instead of spending time on my laptop, I enjoyed the iPad, spent a ton of money buying TV shows from the iTunes store and some games as well. Somewhere along the way, I grew bored with most of the media/news apps.

More importantly, the illness allowed me to see my team in action — working flawlessly. I had to miss Green:Net 2010, much to my personal disappointment and that perhaps is the biggest regret of being sick. In another week, I should be back on track. If I have not answered to your emails or voice mails, forgive me. I will eventually get to it.

Meanwhile, stay healthy and take care of yourself. See you on the inter webs.

Photo by Joisey Showaa courtesy of Flickr under CC BY-SA 2.0