Intentionet wins the Best of the (Interop) Show

Intentionet, one of True Ventures’ family of companies, has won the Best of Interop Award in the infrastructure category. Interop is a large conference and trade show focused on enterprise and infrastructure technologies. We partnered with the Seattle-based company two years ago, betting that the increasing complexity of networks and omnipresence of networking would require … Continue reading Intentionet wins the Best of the (Interop) Show

The Forge Rises…

I met Jared Kim, long before he had dropped out of University of California, Berkeley. He came by to hang with me along with Matt Mullenweg. Jared, then a precocious 19-year-old wanted to start YouTube for gamers — WeGame. The company was later acquired by Tagged. A diehard gamer he couldn’t help but continue on his quest to marry video and gaming. Jared (who has since become a very close friend) started another company — Forge – and it launched today.

Jared is betting on PC platform (especially at a time when everyone says PC is dead/dying.) Jared’s big bet that PC gamers will continue gaming on the PC. Kim, points to more than 125 million active accounts on Steam and 67 million monthly active users on League of Legends as ample proof that PC as a gaming platform is not going away anytime soon. With the rise of eSports, an estimated 134 million people tuned into competitive gaming tournaments worldwide in 2015.

Forge is an online video clip sharing network, that allows PC gamers to automatically capture gameplay & share short-form clips to Forge platform & social networks like Twitter. You need to download and install their app, which runs in the background on Windows computers. It isn’t available for other platforms.

“For years I’ve been a bit obsessed with building a better social experience for gaming,” Kim said. ” I wanted to create a product that would enhance–rather than interrupt–the in-game experience.” Actually producing these clips is often still difficult, involving extra hardware and other technical hurdles. Forge has made it super simple – you should try it.

Congrats, Team Forge!

Here is what they are saying about Forge in the media:

  • IGN: With Forge outputting short, looping gameplay clips, hopefully this means a new era of animated gifs and gaming Vines.
  • San Jose Mercury News: Forge seems to have nailed the capturing and sharing formula of PC gaming.

Howdy’s Botkit

True Ventures portfolio company,, a software automation platform which strives to be your digital coworker, yesterday released Botkit, an opensource framework for developing bots focused on Slack. Howdy is also part of the new Slack App marketplace. My two cents, this is a pretty big deal because “bots” will become the key way many Internet … Continue reading Howdy’s Botkit

What the new iPhone 6S (+) Cameras can do

Apple spent a lot of time and energy on boosting the camera/visual capabilities of the forthcoming iPhone 6S and 6S-Plus. All the specs are one thing, but seeing it in the hands of professional photographers is a quite a different story. National Geographic is going to run a special feature later this week, but photographer Mark Leong has shared some of them on his Instagram account. ) Sports Illustrated has some photos as well. Vogue magazine covered the NYFW with the New iPhone 6s Plus. For me, camera is the only reason for an upgrade. I don’t see any other reason to upgrade from the current phone, which I guess will become my second phone, come Friday.


Meet Everywear Games

Meet True Ventures’ newest company, Everywear Games. This is True’s fourth investment in the Nordics and second in Finland. I am fortunate enough to join the board of this company which is creating gaming experiences for the wearables.  Everywear is the brainchild of CEO Aki Järvilehto (previously EVP at Remedy,) CTO Mika Tammenkoski (VP of Technology/CTO at Digital Chocolate and … Continue reading Meet Everywear Games