Now this is one good looking Pebble watch

Bulbul (which means Nightingale in some languages) is a new Danish watch brand recently started by Jacob Juul. It is trying to carve out its niche using the Danish (Scandinavian) design sensibility. I came across their first watch, Pebble, which is fantastically simple, clean and sparse. It has an asymmetric shape instead of being round, rectangular or round. And that is why I found it eye catching. And it is nothing like the Pebble smart watch which has been all the rage amongst the early adopter crowd.

The Pebble watch made in Italy from Ronda Swiss quartz movement, sapphire glass and comes with a 10 year battery. It costs $440 a pop. It was designed by Danish design house, KiBiSi, who took inspiration from the smooth pebble stones found on Scandinavian beaches.  Pebble comes in four variations and they are all worth owning, though for my money, if I had, I would go for one with white-face with tan leather strap. (I am still an analog watch guy.) There are two  places where you can buy it — the company’s website and the Dezeen Watchstore on the web.

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