17 thoughts on “Now this is one good looking Pebble watch”

    1. Respectfully, i don’t agree.. This is pretty sparse and clean and I appreciate that design. Its minimalism is what makes it so attractive for me.

  1. The price isn’t crazy and that watch is quite beautiful, though their recommendation of keeping it entirely away from water is what stopped me from considering a purchase – one of the main things I consider when buying a timepiece is durability and the peace of mind which comes from not worrying whether it will suddenly stop telling me the time.

  2. Oh gosh, this is pretty delicious. I too am an analog person and would opt for tan leather every time (see the growing handbag, purse, and electronics covers collection). On this occasion, though, I do rather fancy the grey version.

      1. I’m sorely tempted. Trying to be somewhat budget conscious these days 😉

        Will see if I’m still coveting it as much in a month’s time! when I’m back in SF.

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