Lenka is a good app for taking B&W photos

When visiting Paris earlier this month, like I usually do, I spent an evening with photographer-artist Kevin Abosch and his family. Kevin has become a dear friend over past couple of years. Kevin very well knows that I love taking photos with my iPhone and I actually have been trying to take more black-and-white photos. During the course of festivities, Kevin installed an app on my iPhone — Lenka App.

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Intimate Portraits of Killing-Machines


I met photographer Kevin Abosch earlier this year during a visit to Paris. We hit it off instantly. Perhaps,  it was because that both of us like delve into the philosophical and moral dimensions of technology. It is perhaps that line of though that has prompted Kevin to spend four years working on Intimate Portraits of Killing Machines. In an email to the media, Kevin wrote: 

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Meeting Kevin Abosch

Of all the things I did and people I talked to, I was most delighted to meet Kevin Abosch, a photographer, though to call him that would be unfair to this anthropologist of human soul. Well known for his portraits of the famous and the fabulous, former Los Angeles native lives on the edges of … Continue reading Meeting Kevin Abosch