2 thoughts on “Intimate Portraits of Killing-Machines”

  1. Where is the hypodermic needle in your images?
    I found your images looking for the music life man, Om.
    The reason is the damage of heavy metals in synthetic vaccines sulfate out of the body human.
    I photograph the cellular matrix of man, the chart of the music, is the matrix of our biology.
    In our research of organic sulfur a crystal food the matrix is no longer dissident, out of frequency.
    We feel this information derived from 170,000 living study members, we tried to kill each one and failed, but their biology has benefited to no modern diseases caused by a mineral deficiency,
    Linus Pauling’s discovery, the sulfur fell into our laps, thank you Jay Farmer, RIP.
    If every man and woman world wide were to add organic sulfur to their diet we would make war, no more. Dancing to the music of freedom will be our power.
    The call for the dance: Organic sulfur makes girls beautiful, no matter their age, and men less stupid. “What kind of world do you want? ” Five for Fighting.

    Patrick McGean
    Cellular Matrix Study
    Body Human Project est. 1999-

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