Are newsletters the new blogs — or is it that blogs are newsletters? I can’t tell. For me, however, the blog is my homestead.  A homestead is an isolated dwelling, with some adjacent buildings, built on a large plot of land. They are not only independent, but they are devoid of the cacophony of busy … Continue reading Homestead

Pete Hamill, RIP

I didn’t have the luxury to study the fine arts in college. I didn’t go to journalism school. So all my writing skills were acquired by osmosis and practice. I would voraciously read books — all types of books. From noir to travel to classics — everything that I could find in my local library. … Continue reading Pete Hamill, RIP

Write like a human

Given that I have been writing three decades, including eighteen-plus years a blogger, I am hardly surprised that I am repeatedly asked: how should I write? And my answer is always the same — write like a human.  We are getting buried under freeze-dried news reports and hot takes that make supermarket baloney feel like a … Continue reading Write like a human