One thought on “Panjabi Hit Squad’s Desi Beats Record of the Week”

  1. yo how can u diss panjabihitsquad there the best thing that happened to bhangra they understant desi well all u ppl out there dnt even knw the songz frm back in the day like frm artist like alarp desi boys and pardesi and hitsquad knw about the past yeh they are sikh mans bigin’ up thee uk yeh u dnt knw old skool never mind the desvibes funkysingh yr rite bro we knw the desi bts member panjabi-mc , hitsquad,rishi rich are all together workin’ at one level pluz hitsquad are the first asian to work on a famous record label like defjamm uk and ur not so hahaha!!!! shame there u go research the music them come bak wid a return comment ya get me.

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