7 thoughts on “Panjabi Fake Squad?”

  1. FOOLS! DJ SWAMI was the first to use the word desi for the music with his release “Desi Nu Skool Beatz” , a long time before those PHS fools ever made any noise.

  2. I agree that bhangra or panjabi music wouldnt be so ‘street’ if it wasn’t for it’s hip hop and r&b influences however I think that these influences have just destroyed the pure natural un-remixed legacy panjabi music has. Too many untalented people have been able to remix golden oldies and sing in broken panjabi.
    Mohammed saddiq, jamal jut, chamkila and hans raj hans(gurwara days) are the archtypes of panjabi music.

  3. I see Panjabi Hit Squad as making bhangra music recognised within the mainstream. Their beats are full of flava and supersede what Bhangra and Hip Hop has established to date, they are innovators not imitators. Def Jam – IXtra – the only other DJ’s on the circuit that can fill countless venues of up to 8000 people are the Heartless Crew hmmm. Let’s show some respect and congratulate PHS for the achievements to date and watch them become the Neptunes of Bhangra!!! You guys are disin them – Hip Hop is embracing them!!! Wake up MOFOS and stop being typical Asians, your starting to sound like your parents!!!.

  4. /// yeh but their music still sucks. hiphop is not embracing them its laughing at them.

    swami is much better, his new album will blow everyone away

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