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  1. I am of total indian decent, yet people always think I’m either greek, brazilian, hawaiian. I’m punjabi so I guess it’s the tan skin and sharp features that make me look different from what people sterotypically think Indians look like. Anyway, I am dating a caucasian man and we are convinced that indian woman married to white men have the most beautiful children, more so than indian men with white women…for some reason children where the mother is white tend to have lighter skin and look more caucasian than mixed. With an Indian mother, the children tend to have more darker olive skin with lighter hair or lighter eyes, a much more beautiful exotic look.

  2. I am a White woman with an Indian husband. And I know I am biased, but my children are gorgeous. Indeed, I have called them “mocha” babies for years. I resent the inference that because I am Caucausian, my children are not as attractive as those born from Indian mothers. All children are beautiful.


  3. as a white male, i find this miscegenetic degeneracy disgusting and quite base!

  4. I’m an Indian and yet I’ve to admit that what Asha says seems so narrow-minded. Please pick up a book on genetics and realize that what you are saying makes no sense at all. It is infintesimally (pardon my spelling?) impossible to occur all the time or occur predictably. My best friend is a caucasian woman and she’s married to my best friend who happens to be an Indian and they’ve the most adorable, gorgeous kids.

  5. All kids are beautiful.
    Also, I think when two people, or two or more people, or
    two or more things love each others thats cool.
    Personally, I have found beauties in each culture. Though I must say I like the straight forwardness personality of Americans. I loath the non-staright forwardness (trick, sneaky, and nosy) nature of any one I (hope not to ) come in contact with. Unfortunatley its been mostly Indian Men and Women who have been sneaky and nosy.

    still love comes first…. and all this talk about brown, black, white, is so stupid…. blue is what i am looking for… i will settle for the french actress in the movie blue…

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