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  1. I know this is late, but I was wondering if you are still having auditions, I just heard you were having them but I missed the audition, if you are, please email me back

  2. pleeez tell me wen the auditions for luna lovegood will b held, i hav bn lookn fr ages but nufn has bn sed yet. it shud b soon snce da casting has nearly bn dun for da 4th flm. i know i wud b perfect for da part and othrs hav sed it 2. not only am i exactly like her, i am a brilliant actress, da only resn i avnt bn on tv is coz i only like 2 b pepl like me so i can express myself in a difrent form. i hav a website:http://lunachat.suddenlaunch.com

  3. I think I’d be GREAT for the part of Luna. I’m Desperate to be in the Harry Potter Movie! PLEASE please please! If anyone knows when casting calls are let me know! I would pay to fly to timbuktoo just to get to audtion! I have tons of experience and everything! PLEASE im DESPERATE!!!

    Any info Email me!

  4. I also want the part as Luna, but I live in the U.S., so baisicly, I don’t get a chance. I’ve writen them THOUSANDS of letters and they havent answered, so I guess everyone’s right; they don’t let you audition if you live in the U.S.

  5. i m an indian girl & i would love to play a role in any harry potter movie. i m 14 & i love harry potter books.

  6. plz if any1 knows when auditions 2 b luna lovegood is plz plz plz tell me i would love 2 b in hp playing luna

  7. i love be luna lovegood can anyone tell me when they hav the auditions that would be so sweet and i read all the harry books and i saw all the movies that was out i hav brown eyes long brown hair (curly)and i kinda speek bitish

  8. Hello! My name is Brittney, as you can see. I would love to get the part of Luna Lovegood, but I live in the U.S.A. I am disapointed that they will not pick me, but i think i should at least have a chance. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, and my personality is Luna herself. I am one year younger than Daniel, as Luna is to Harry. i do not know my weight at the momment, but it’s between 100-105 pounds, my height is either 5’3″, or 5’4″, I am not sure. My father lived in London for two years, so he can help me with my accent, and I have read the books so many times i have lost count. Thank you for your time a cooperation. Brittney.

  9. I realy really really really wanna be luna! how can i and also i luv ron just like her!
    plz help me!!!! please

  10. Does any1 know when luna lovegood audditions are? i really wanna play her! i have long, dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes. i have been acting ever since i wuz 5 and i’m really really good at it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if any1 knows when and where audditions are e-mail me! i know i would B perfect 4 da part! thanx,Carlin

  11. hi it’s me again. i really really wanna b luna lovegood. i’m 5 feet tall i weigh 83lbs and i’m 12 years old. please please please tell me when audditions are! it’s my dream 2 b an actress and this is the perfect way! luna is a really cool character and i’m alot like her 2. my best acting skills are being daydreamy(which is great 4 luna), memorizing lines, mood swings, and i’ll get along great with the cast. please e-mail me at ceb1115@yahoo.com if u know about audditions. thanx again,Carlin

  12. you all have no chance because you HVAE to be a brit. I know because i am one and i written and they wrote back saying that they have already casted and that you have to be a brit…unlucky..wont be your dreams to day girls SO GET OVER IT! LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  13. how would u know if i’m british or not, titty wit! 4 all u know i am! i dout they’ve casted 4 order of da pheonix cuz they just started casting 4 goblet of fire! u r just being rude! ya mean old rude person!

  14. wow! sorry guyz! i just needed 2 get that out! plz 4give me! sometimez ppl just make me sooo mad! (titty wit hint hint.) sorry again, Carlin

  15. It’s not fair is it? The people in the U.S. who want to be in HP can’t, even if we have a good fake accent or have bloodlines tracing back to England. I mean I have both and I think I might be good for a part but we can’t, plz let me know if anyone hears about an audition for someone who’s 13, has longish golden brown hair (straight), and brown eyes, plzzzzzz tell me!

  16. I wld luv 2 be Luna. I have not much experience, but am good at acting, medium length golden blonde hair, big blue eyes, am loud but can sumtimes daydream, basicallly 13 so I ‘d be the right age when the movie is shot . AND I AM A BRIT. What about the auditions. Where? PLEASE TELL US!

  17. ok… if someone hasn’t told you by now when luna’s casting call is, is because they probably dont have one yet. theres even a rumor they wont film book 5!

  18. duh they dont have a casting call yet, but that doesnt mean they wont. these ppl r just trying 2 find 1 early so they can prepare. so just shut up and stop crushing ppls dreams.

  19. just like pretty much everyone else here, i would really like to be luna and if anyone has anyone info on the auditions, PLEASE E-MAIL ME (and everyone else of course) Thank you xxx

  20. I also really want to be Luna cos I am a really good actress and so much like her. I am Alina, 12, British, quite quiet with long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a bit of experience. Please PLEASE let me know when the carting call is at alansarahjones2003@yahoo.co.uk


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