3 thoughts on “Mallu Hip Hop Hit?”

  1. Malu music is weird…no matter how it sounds- it is always too folky …A R Rahman sorta helped tamil films out in getting them to taste other genres of music….jus has never crossed over successfully to kerala…Oussappachen is the closest we have gotten to …and he did “Anniyathipravu” – Oussappachen is also credited with helping out on hariharan’s ghazal/blues album – kaash.

  2. Has anyone heard of an Indian Hip Hop group called The Invisible People? They are supposed to be from the West Coast – L.A. underground, originally from the Fiji Islands. Hey guys, where the hell are you? I’m trying to spin your music-it’s time for some real gangsta shit. Contact DJ Masala at californiaassets@aol.com

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