4 thoughts on “What’s on my MiniPOD?”

  1. as per the latest trend, here’s the first 20 random tracks that came up on the ipod:

    madvillain – curls
    the constantines – national hum
    syd barrett – no man’s land
    winston blake (judge winchester) – public jestering
    tom zé – lá vem cuica
    radiohead – myxomatosis. (judge, jury & executioner.)
    wedding present – take me!
    killah priest – excalibur
    british sea power – a wooden horse
    nina simone – who am i?
    mos def – work it out (dirty)
    amel larrieux – bravebird
    solomon burke – stepchild
    interpol – pda
    blackalicious – paragraph president
    the jesus and mary chain – cracking up
    malkit singh – jind mahi
    robert wyatt – raining in my heart
    defari – diamonds in the rough
    mum – smell memory

  2. 20 Random Tracks:

    annanas – tosca
    agarijo – ryukyu underground
    jo – digital bled
    big up – shaggy (feat. rayvon)
    veli malarae – kulisch & vana
    jakarta connection – soul flip
    be humble – wicked beat sound system
    janine – pronoia
    dhol rinse – asian dub foundation
    passage to india – karmacy
    powerless – nelly furtado (josh desi remix)
    moments in dub – nick holder
    jaan – b21
    taakre – tigerstyle (feat. bikram)
    the firefly – niraj chag
    quien engana no gana – ohos de brujo
    elektro punjabi da-koo – charged
    caravan II baghdad – hamid baroudi
    tango – soap kills
    brani britou – hasna el becharia

  3. okay guys – i need some recommendations on music. mostly downtempo kind of tracks. any suggestions?

  4. just surfed on in – im from germany and LOVE that josh desi remix of powerless! cool – peace.

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