5 thoughts on “Campfire spreads”

  1. That’s hilarious that Russ calls the PC-based web a dying platform. I’d rahter get a sharp stick in the eye than try to use Campfire on a mobile device with the network latency of a cell phone.

    People need to understand that outside of voice, there are very few opportunities beyond the niche.

  2. mobile is still a long way from being all that, but it will get there. i think the apps for pc and mobile are two different beasts and need seperate thinking.

  3. Mobile is great for some things, no doubt, but Russ, come on man, try having a text-based business chat with 5 other people in real-time via t9. Mobile isn’t tuned for everything.

    And there’s another kind of mobile: The laptop. Campfire works great on those 😉

  4. the pc is dying? but what about the expected billions of people who are going to be on the net soon? most of them don’t have a fancy shmancy cell phone that surfs the web or t9-happy thumbs.
    what I think is really dying is developing software that is only going to run on 1 platform.

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