8 thoughts on “Why Does Fred Wilson Root for Lost Causes”

  1. I have an iPod OM.

    And I hate it.

    I hate the fairplay DRM, I hate the lack of a subscription service offering, I hate the fact that they won’t list my podcast in their podcast service, I hate the fact that I’ve have to send my iPod back for repair every couple months, I hate the fact that the obsolete every model with a new and better one every couple months, etc, etc, etc.

    Competition is good for consumers and Apple has no competition to speak of in the digital music business.

    So I am rooting for someone to give them a run for their money and make life better for all of us.

  2. Yahoo! thought the portal game was over in 1999. Lycos and Excite were beaten, MSN was a non issue.

    Then along came Google…

  3. anon, not sure about Google being a portal. search engine yes, portal – give me a break.

  4. fred – you say you hate fairplay drm, which is no different from windows media drm really.

    they don’t list your podcast – well that’s a personal issue, and i think they don’t list our podcast as well – to that whatever.

    competition is great. there were many other players who did sell music players before apple, and well, competition did work out nicely there.

    well, on the repair aspect, to that I say, bastards – they should give you a new one, and that’s no way to treat a customer.

    but still, rest of them are lost causes.

  5. I think Google as a portal not in the sense of a busy home page with categorized pointers to content (a content portal) but instead a portal in the sense of the hop off point to other things. Search plus click type of portal.

  6. What I find interesting in the WSJ/Amazon stories is the characterization of the Amazon “audience”

    I am a member of the Amazon audience: I’ve always appreciated their experience – one of the easiest and predictable commerce sites to use.

    But, I’m also an iTMS customer. And for that specific purchase and total experience, they blow Amazon away.

    So it will be interesting to see what they come up with, but I’m not buying in.

  7. Coming out with newer iPod models does not obsolete the existing models.

    If you believe that, you are buying into a misunderstood and obviously false theme.

  8. Of all the things fred listed, I think the biggest – by far – is the fact that they do not offer a subscription service. This is the one thing that has kept me from purchasing an iPod. I dont want to need to go out and spend $500 or steal a bunch of music before I find it useful.

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