3 thoughts on “A List is Dead, Long Live The A-List”

  1. Except nobody I know ever said “The A-list never changes forever and eternity” – indeed, I expect it to change, as bigger players take away position from the smaller players. That doesn’t refute gatekeepers, it means big players fight over the gatekeeping slots, and some lose. You’re refuting a strawman.

    I suppose I could link-bait on this, but it’s not worth it 🙁

  2. Amen Om – top 100 lists drive me crazy. They don’t help me discover the interesting bloggers on my topics, stuff i’m interested in reading. Every topic, no matter how big or niche, present or obscure, has interesting bloggers associated with it. That’s why we founded sphere and that’s what we’re passionate about, just trying to blog readers match their interests with high quality, relevant blog posts. When done right, it’s a nice marriage between well known bloggers and new emerging voices.

  3. the A-list doesn’t matter to readers, but it does matter to publishers. If you create a media and gossip blog better than Gawker but can’t break pass into their traffic numbers, then the A-list dynamics matter to you.

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