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  1. Hi!
    Plaxo is a very nice tool, I am a premium member and I love the mobile access with my Nokia. So I never need to check if I made my latest sync-dance. Only problem, you can’t click on emails in the WAP-screen to email the member directly. So you need to write down the email first on some piece of paper :/ I am looking forward to the Mac version.


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  3. Hi Om, I thought I would use your site to throw in my two cents concerning Plaxo, since they do tend to suffer from a lot of negative press which is for the most part unfair (and worse – innacurate).

    I have been using them for three years now and truly believe in the benefits of their service. They have one of the strongest Privacy Policies of any company out there yet, because their system is concerned with storing users contact information they receive more that their fair share of abuse. Plaxo-baters would be well advised to read their security policy here, since there tends to be a lot of misinformation spread about them in the blogosphere:


    Other information about how Update requests are sent etc. is here:


    I think once you read up on their system it is clear they are not as “evil” as some people believe. If anything, there one fault is not training new users on how to use their system responsibly:


    I think this information needs to be communicated to users whenever they send out an update request. Flash tutorial? Come on Plaxo!

    I believe Plaxo will gradually become progressively ubiquitous with the launch of their API, which makes being a member more and more attractive. I love the fact that my main address book is available to me across a range of websites:


    Furthermore the ability to sync my Plaxo address book automatically with Outlook (and OE), Mac Address Book, Thunderbird, Yahoo, AOL/AIM and Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices (wirelessly!), means that I get my contacts wherever I want them. And all this, except the mobile/PPC syncing, is available for free:

    http://webis.net/products_info.php?p_id=sync&dir=wm&tab_id=introduction (Mobile sync)

    I strongly recommend Plaxo to everyone, it really is an incredibly useful tool. Here’s a summary from their website:

    “Plaxo Basic is Plaxo’s core service and is free to everyone who joins. You update your info, your friends update theirs, and everyone stays in touch!

    • Update your address book when friends change their contact info
    • Update friends’ address books when your contact info changes
    • Sync your contacts, calendar, tasks, notes across Plaxo-enabled applications
    • Get reminded of a friend’s birthday just a few days before
    • Receive a Plaxo alert whenever a contact’s info has changed”

    And before you ask, no I don’t work for them…. Just a big supporter of their goals.

  4. I do work at Plaxo and want your readers to know that we didn’t pay Olly to write this. Never heard of the guy. And, no Stacy Martin’s middle name is not Olly. 🙂

  5. Here’s the problem with Plaxo: If they get bought, you just sold all of your friends out. And you have NO recourse.

  6. Disclaimer: I work at Plaxo as an Engineeer.


    That seems a bit harsh. The actual privacy policy seems to actually provide a clear recourse:

    “you will be notified via e-mail and/or through a notice on our Web site and any other appropriate methods prior to the Business Transition, and Plaxo’s custody of Your Information will be transferred subject to all the terms and restrictions in this Privacy Policy.”

    “ You will have a choice as to whether or not we use Your Information in this different manner. Whether or not you wish to have Your Information used in this different manner, you will retain ownership rights to Your Information and the ability to delete Your Information at any time. ”

    “if you have deleted or deactivated your account with the Services or are an opt-out User, then you will not be contacted, nor will Your Information be used in this different manner.”

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