6 thoughts on “Is it a sign from Bubble gods?”

  1. Holy cow.

    I think the best response to this is a comment I posted on TechCrunch a few months ago, which is a paraphrase of Asimov:

    “Giving money away is the last refuge of the incompetent.”

    When you don’t have value, you end up doing giveaways. I hope people remember that AllAdvantage as a leading indicator of the last market top!

  2. How many times a day will I be allowed to attend the interview ? 😉

  3. Hmmm, I think Sanjay has the right idea. Maybe you can create a business where you send people to interview there. All you have to do is offer to pay them $110 to interview there, and collect the difference. What’s that you say? We’d lose money on every deal? Don’t worry, we’d make it up in volume!

  4. While signs of the bubble are abound, PageBites isn’t the best example. They don’t pay people to interview because they are rolling in cash. Rather, it’s because have little going for them and have a hard time getting people to interview with them. Their product is quite poor when compared to the multitude of other vertical job search products (e.g. simplyHired.com).

    These guys are an MIT startup, and I’ve seen then try to recruit people at career fairs. Trust me, they need to give away money to get interviewees.

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