One thought on “Radio Handi… VoIP At Work”

  1. Om,

    Thanks for the link. We’re just getting started with Radio Handi, and will be turning on the rest of our messaging services later this week.

    VoIP is an important part of the service, but it’s only part of it. Our basic goal is to make it really easy for people to form groups and communicate with their groups via whatever method works best for them (could be SMS for some, conference calls for others).

    Our target market is mostly offline groups, ski clubs, soccer teams, church groups, that sort of thing. The idea is to make it easy for these groups to communicate and organize, whether they’re near a computer or not. Most of these groups will not necessarily know they’re using a VoIP service.

    Thanks again for the link. More news to come next week.

    Brian McConnell, Founder
    Open Communication Systems

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