9 thoughts on “Slow Posting… Not Feeling Well”

  1. hey Om

    ‘livin the life’ by Biggie from the duets reminds me of you. If there’s a video, you gotta be rollin in it.

    p8ce out yaar

    biggie smalls 2.0

  2. dude,


    big cities & bright lights!
    short days & long nights!
    no stress n no strife
    om high off livin the life

    i hope you feel better 🙁
    btw plz put masala.com/desiparty.com back on inter net because ratedesi sucks. the masala forums were way better. and tell talvin singh to put his anokha 2 out already.

    k p8ce out homey
    ur #1 fan

    • remember, mo money mo problems
  3. Om,

    Sorry to hear you are hurting. I was hoping to read your perspective on this Google/Dell silliness.

    If you need the name of a good chiropractor, let me know. I know a couple of them in Redwood City.

  4. randy,

    getting to redwood city is going to be one hell of a problem. i am trying to get to the computer on my night stand. 🙂

    appreciate the love though. thanks

  5. Om-

    Sorry to hear about your back issues. I am all too familiar.

    Try stretching your hamstrings, lots of advil, and scotch (old single malts, ideally). Only thing that has ever worked for me.

    Coming to town soon. Hope to see ya…


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