11 thoughts on “Stop the 2.0 Madness”

  1. om – You are so right. It is so tiresome but the press is the partly to blame for this ridiculous proliferation of everything 2.0. The only place in my life which is not 2.0 is my kids and come to think about it if they would be more open to sharing it would not be so bad.

  2. cyber(everything) – expired
    MixedCase – expired
    (everything) EXTREME – expired
    i(everything) – expired
    (everything) 2.0 – expired

    Careful what you wish for, it might be worse – everything that gets noticed MUST be done to death.

  3. Small anecdote – don’t know if you’ve heard, but Fernando Alonso and Renault clinched their second consecutive Formula One championship this week end. Now I saw a few press people/bloggers calling this… Alonso 2.0 πŸ™‚ It’s a trend, not much you can’t do about it.

  4. Om, probably you should TM all the rest of the 2.0 ‘s like OReilly did with web2.0…and then send a C&D letter to all the other 2.0’s πŸ˜€


  5. The #.# number naming campaign needs to be blamed on Esther Dyson and her Release 2.0 newsletter (now part of CNET). I saw a demo of a forthcoming redesign of a major financial/business portal and sure enough, it was “2.0”

    Just say no to 2.0 and start moving to a random number. Me? I have decided, beginning today, that I am Churbuck 3.14159265358979

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