One thought on “Storm’s a Coming”

  1. A few things bode well for web technology/anti-bubble talk in my view: 1. People aren’t yet paying for very much across the web (premium content, small-fee access, etc.). We all know that’s coming, so that’s good for web. 2. The economy is slow enough that people want more web info before the make decisions; there are still a whole lot of inefficiencies and problems in the economy that web technology is fixing by the day, and people are trusting more. 3. Not everyone is maximizing their mobile device to accelerate small buying, just the early adopters are. And that will only shift to more users. And 4., we’re only just now seeing consumers beginning to build a real “web identity” and take control of that; it’s just getting started.

    The web may be saturated with ideas and startup projects right now, but we’ve also yet to see the REAL influx of users’ activity. That’s still exciting, and should be why the web more than anything else leads economic growth.

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