2 thoughts on “Former Apple Retail Chief Ron Johnson on why Apple Stores Work”

  1. I first started to realize (late) that Apple Stores were very special about six months after the SoHo store in Manhattan opened. It was a welcoming place for 20 somethings who were doing things like working on their film and art projects. Training in tools from some Apple Store employees as well as other customers was taking place.It even had a reputation as one of the best places to meet interesting people. It had become a destination rather than a store.

    He has an enormous challenge at JC Penny as he has inherited an existing salesforce. Apple Stores are extremely selective, do quite a bit of training and compensate well compared to other stores. Their product also isn’t terribly inspiring … If he can somehow manage to give people a good experience out of all of that I’m going to be very impressed.

  2. Just agreeing with the first comment. All the manipulation in the world at communication, service, design, ease – is meaningless if you have nothing more than the same content to offer as Walmart.

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