4 thoughts on “Just saying no to Zynga’s dollars”

  1. So why does no one want to do business with Zynga? They have a strong following. Could it be because they are so heavily entrenched with Facebook?

  2. @Crystal C: the second paragraph in the article explains why… the company appears to be a rough and tumble place where borderline business practices are followed.

  3. @Crystal: Here’s a pretty good overview of why Zynga is a terrible company, both to its employees and its users:


    The Wikipedia entry for the company (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zynga) also has quite a long list of controversies they’ve been involved in. Also note the list of subsidiary studios they’ve acquired — each studio seems to lose their original identity and simply becomes another cog in the Zynga machine for churning out deceptive addictive crap.

    So it’s not surprising that PopCap and Rovio — both well-established studios that are known for taking pride in the quality of their work — weren’t willing to sell themselves out to Zynga for a quick buck and a stake in Zynga’s doomed-to-collapse empire.

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